Earth in 2070 is governed by the Interplanetary Council, as it does over Mars, in Total Recall 2070.

The CityEdit


“The City” is a 200 story (Episode 5) commune on Earth governed by the Interplanetary Council (ICP). It is situated on an unspecified[Needs verification] continent (Episode 10). It is seemingly a global structure that interconnects around the World.[Needs verification] Immigration is still in existence (Episodes 1 and 2) and passports are required (Episode 10). The outskirts? [Needs verification] are known as “New Territories” (Episode 9).



The Interplanetary Council (IPC) governs Earth and Mars, as well as their orbiting space stations.[1] They operate Mars Colony recruiting offices (Episode 1) and control interplanetary immigration through the CPB (Episode 13).



The Consortium is composed of at least six multi-global companies that financed the colonization of Mars. This particular alliance is believed to wield more power than IPC itself.[1]

  • Rekall, an information technology powerhouse that provides Operating Systems for androids manufactured by Uber Braun.
  • Minacon, a mining and energy supply company that provides both the oil on Earth and the deuterium on Mars.
  • Tashimo-Pacific, the transport company that created "Johnny Cab."
  • Uber Braun, a rocket and robotics corporation that builds service androids.
  • Variable Dynamics, a medical and bio-tech company with an agenda to create synthetic humans.
  • Tillman Heath, an agriculture and chemicals giant with a secret. Its slogan is "Bringing the world's food supply to you" with advertising boards around The City.



Monorail system


Cargo ship (H-345) (Episode 14)

Law enforcementEdit




  • Reproductive Selection Board (RSB) (Episode 9) is an agency used as a measure for population control. If it determines that a newborn is a potential threat to society, based on certain genetic queues, the RSB will put the baby through a reform program until it is old enough to be intergrated into society. The program is opposed by “The Alliance” who try to help parents reconnect with their babies, but at the cost of having to live in the “New Territories”.
  • Nexus (Episode 13) is a dating service partnered with Rekall’s sublimator lines.

New TerritoriesEdit


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