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The suite is located on mars.And it is in a beauitful city.and it has a gift shop.and a bar,then food court.and bathrooms and then suites rooms on the left and right.and near the food court their are glass domes and some inside the suite's rooms to protected from the vacuum of mars.

1990 Edit

In the film,quaid was geting into the suite to enter there.and then he went pass the food court.and he was geting too the manager.And then he tells him to give him his idenifcation,he puts the card into the card hole.and then he tells him to give him his finger print to get his vault container.and then his vault container opens.and then he opens it and then he saw a pices of paper.then he went to the last resort too visit melina.and then he gets his room key.and then he went to last resort.Then back at the suite room he was confronted by dr.edgemar and lori was telling him that elements in mars and the rekall vaction is real.and then dr.edgemar gives him a pill that will return to from his Dream.and then he see him sweating and then shoots him in the head.and spits out the pill.And then richer's forces went too fight quaid and they bring down.and lori kicks him too the gut and the face and then she sents quaid too the elevator and then melina resuces quaid and fights lori and richer's forces and then quaid shoots her into the head.and then she frees quaid and sented him to kuato and then richer and his second was here and he saw lori and that she was dead and then he was mad.and the quaid and melina was get to the platform near the windows.and then his second man was shooting quaid and,woulden do it because the glass is near quaid.and then richer was shooting quaid.and then that man stoped his from breaking the glass.and then missed and shoot to the metal and where quaid and meilna were