Government Confederacy
business alliance
Appearances Total Recall 2070

The Consortium is a confederacy business alliance composed of at least six multi-global companies that finance the colonization of Mars in the year 2070. This alliance is thought to wield even more power than the Interplanetary Council (IPC) that governs Earth and Mars, as well as their orbiting space stations.[1]

The six known companies are:

  • Rekall, the information technology powerhouse of the 21st century. Rekall also provides the Operating Systems for the Androids manufactured by Uber Braun.
  • Minacon, the energy supply company, provides both the oil on Earth and the deuterium on Mars.
  • Tashimo-Pacific, the transport company that created "Johnny Cab."
  • Uber Braun, the rocket and robotics corporation, build the service androids.
  • Variable Dynamics, the medical and bio-tech company, is interested in creating synthetic humans.
  • Tillman Health is an agriculture and chemicals giant with a hidden agenda. Advertising boards convey the slogan "Bringing the world's food supply to you".


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